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If you are already a member this is where you can manage your paid membership, see future events,
purchase tickets to any event, and update your member account.

If you are not a member but would like to be click on join to get started, but first be sure to review our
membership plans to determine what is right for you. Also, SINZ does not sell or share any information
that you provide us. The only 'real' piece of information we need is a valid email address. Anything else you
provide is up to you and if you don't want, just use a fake entry. We do ask that you enter your real first
names though since they are compared against your credit card if you purchase event tickets online to
prevent fraudulent charges. All CC processing is done by World Modern and SINZ never sees any
personal information or your CC numbers related to the purchase.

SINZ requires that all couples attending events prove their membership by presenting their member card at the door.
The bar code on your card is simply a representation of your email address, it contains no personal information and
simpy allows us to know what parties you decided to attend and how many times you have attended.
SINZ uses this information to insure that couples in attendance are members and understand the nature of
our events,improve our event programming and give our members loyalty rewards.

Also if you pre-purchase tickets
scanning in recognizes that you have already paid!

At SINZ there are two kinds of members Basic Members and Gold Members. Once your application has
been approved you are a Basic Member and can attend events but there are lots of reasons to go Gold.


  Basic Gold
Attend Events Yes Yes
Weekly Newsletter Yes Yes
Social Networking on SINZ.net Full Full
Ability to view and email member profiles on Member Services No Full
Incentive & Loyalty Programs (FREE Parties!) No Yes
Online Ticketing Fees Waived No Yes
Special Gold Member-Only Events No Yes
Use of Gold Members Only VIP lounge (coming in 2016) No Yes
Advanced pre-sale and/ or discounted tickets to major events No Yes
SINZ Black Circle Eligibility No Yes
Bring a guest couple at reduced cover No Yes
Reduced Cover Charge on Standard Events $50 $30
You can purchase a Gold Membership at anytime, and for periods of 1, 3 or 6 months. The longer the
membership the better the deal. You can also purchase our SuperPass membership which gives you
Gold Member status for a year and automatic entry into our 5 largest events, all for just $250.
(Quantity is limited).

You will recieve all of the above benefits for the duration of your membership.

Your membership can be extended at any time furing your membership period. Any new membership
will be added to extend your expiration date.

Memberships can be purchased separately on the Memberships tab, or you can buy an event/membership package to any event.

If you prefer to pay at the door you will receive the Gold Membership price once you have scanned
your code.

If you cannot prove membership you will not be allowed in.

Ready to start? Create your member account right here

Wed-Sun, Jan 20-24 Reflection
Club Sinz presents Dirty Vegas Winter Edition!
at Multi Venue Event! Las Vegas
Wed-Sun, Jan 20-24
Partner Offers
SINZ Mistletoe & Mischief XXXMas Party
Salisbury , MA
Sat Dec 10
SINZ New Year's Eve Party 2016
Salisbury , MA
Sat Dec 31

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